Missing Classmates

We have attempted to gather information about all the members of our class of 1972. Our classmate list includes people we shared classes with through the years even though not all actually graduated June of 1972. Life happens and we'll not exclude anyone if we can help it. 

With all the search tools available to us via the internet, we were able to find many classmates. However, there are still many that we've yet to locate. Please review the list and if you have any contact information for any missing classmate, please let us know. We'd like to see as many of our classmates as possible at each reunion. 

Thank you for your help.

Donna Eck
Thomas Gilbert
Debbie Harhart
Debbie Holly
Marjorie Johansen
Debra Kondikoff
Donna Luciano
Celia Mark
Donna Recker
Raymond Roth
Maria Schuch
Joanne Shuey (Probst Was Briody)
Ken Silfies
Debra Slanina
Dennis Smith
Robert Smith